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views in process

Festival Österreich TANZT
Festspielhaus St. Pölten
Austrian premiere May 26, 2010

Kampnagel Hamburg
K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg
Premiere December 2008

Video online Vimeo!

How does the perfekt man look like? Images of the female body in advertising are commonly known – but what about the representation of the male body? What strategies of staging are applied for men?

In views in process Doris Stelzer is analysing the commercial exploitation of the male body and the recent trends of representation in the media in order to transform it into concentrated movement-statements. Popular clichés and stereotypes are questioned in regard to the own and the other biological sex and in regard to their social construction. Reflections on the patterns of perception and a delicate handling of deviations from the body norm are postulated.

An evening with little dancing and a lot of movement. “view in process” changes the viewing habits in two ways: the choreography allows a sensitive look at the details of our bodies and a new view on society’s well established body images. Provided that one is willing to open his eyes. (, Dezember 2008)
views in process was developed and premiered during the residency at K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg at Kampnagel Hamburg. views in process is the pendant to shifted views, the performance with the blue shoe, premiered at the ImPulsTanz-festival in 2007.

I think, I have to change my style.
I think so, too.
Costume shopping with Josep and Ondřej
Premiere Kampnagel Hamburg, K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg, Dezember 2008
Duration 50 min
other performances
Kampnagel Hamburg, K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg, March 2009 (G)
incubate, Tilburg, September 2009 (NL)
Österreich tanzt, Festspielhaus St.Pölten, May 2010 (A)
Concept, Choreography Doris Stelzer
Performance, Choreography Josep Caballero Garcia, Ondřej Vidlář
Artistic Collaboration
Lieve De Pourcq
Mariella Greil, Werner Möbius
Tom Barcal, Henning Eggers
Bettina Frenzel
Marcus Droß, Nik Haffner
Production Assistance
Lisa Böttcher, Stefanie Fischer
Thanks to Lieve De Pourcq, K3 Team  and ttp WUK
Production K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg at Kampnagel, dis.danse
Support Hamburg Cultural Foundation and Law firm Friedrich/Korch/Hanefeld. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture has granted a foreign scholarship for dance for Doris Stelzer’s residence in Hamburg.