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shifted views

ImPulsTanz, July 2007

shifted views - extended

WUK Vienna, October 2007
Video online on Vimeo!

The solo not only forms the highpoint of Stelzer’s uncompromising previous development, but also sets a highlight on a festival that is not exactly lacking in strong works. Both in the thematic approach as well as in the choreography, dramaturgy and execution by the fantastic dancer Lieve De Pourcq, shifted views is just perfect (Der Standard).

Deception, shifted views and reality changing are part of the media agenda. The commercial portrayal of the body, above all the female body, conveys stereotypical images and behaviour. Unreal movements and positions dominate the retouched and beautified pictures of so-called supermodels. Doesn’t the human body contain a much greater wealth of diversity and difference? shifted views works with the confrontation between art bodies, advertising bodies and everyday bodies.

shifted views - is part of a research series on the subject of the media staging of bodies and current socio-political body images with the focus on scrutinising and sharpening our present-day perception competence. shifted views – an artistic, perception-shifting statement of dance performance.

How am I supposed to identify with a woman whose leg is two meters long? Doris Stelzer
Duration shifted views - extended 45 min

Concept, Choreography Doris Stelzer
Performance, Choreography Lieve De Pourcq
Soundconcept, Liveelectronics Mariella Greil, Werner Möbius
Light Andrea Korosec
Light ImPulsTanz Dulci Jan
Production dis.danse
Production Assistant Hanna Bauer
Photography Bettina Frenzel

Thanks to ImPulsTanz, WUK and ttp WUK
Support Cultural Section of the City of Vienna and the Art Section of the Federal Chancellery of Austria
Invitation ARGE Kultur Salzburg, December 2007