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microscopic view

… a sensitively balanced act with a delicate body language between perfectionism, fragmentation and disability, and at the same time a thorough and dense dialogue between projected photography and danced projection, staged with neither sentimentality nor arrogance, and also starkly performed. (Der Standard)

Which variety lies in the detail? Doris Stelzer (choreographer/dancer/biotechnologist) and Bettina Frenzel (photographer) focus in their research on the different perspectives of the human body to make the apparently invisible visible. microscopic view deals with views, perspectives and perception between abstraction and reality. The physical human body as examination object, as container for form and structure, as archive of countless details. Which unusual movement represents the body new and creates new perspectives? Which restrictions force the body to search for new physical solutions? How can body details be researched through photography?

Concept, Choreography Doris Stelzer
Performance, Choreography Lieve De Pourcq
Photography Bettina Frenzel,
Photography Assistant Selma Kadi
Light Andrea Korosec
Sound Hüseyin Evirgen
Production dis.danse
Thanks ttp WUK
Support Cultural Section of the City of Vienna and homunculus

Premiere dietheater Künstlerhaus, November 2005

Further Performances
Tanzquartier Wien, factory season, May 2007
MAKNITE at MAK, microscopic view part two - performance parcours, June 2007
Kunstverein Hamburg, microscopic view part three, August 2008

Dauer 35min