or ever young

Thursday April 04, 2013 8pm
April 05 and April 06, 2013 8pm

WUK Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus, WUK Saal
Währinger Straße 59, A-1090 Vienna
+43 1 40 121-70 tickets@wuk.at www.wuk.at

When did you first realise that your possibilities were finite? Was this a revelation or did it slowly creep upon you? Then later on, when the fashion trends of your teenage years reappear, you become your own point of reference and then you know that you are no longer young.

Considering the absurd “New-” and the constant “Upcoming” of our society with a simultaneous demographic shift towards retirement age, Doris Stelzer in her new work, takes a look at the time in-between. In search of the moment of "being no longer young" (albeit far from being old) and how people deal with that in their own ways, she holds talks, asks questions and listens. Driven by curiosity, she collects opinions, moods, and personal experiences; she examines clichés and searches for the so-called serenity.

or ever young explores an experiential realm that juxtaposes the real dancer body with the personally perceived experience and through this process questions the societal body image of growing old.


Concept, Choreography Doris Stelzer
Performance, Choreography Ondřej Vidlár
Installation Stephanie Rauch
Sounddesign, Implementation Mariella Greil, Werner Möbius
Lightdesign Thomas Barcal, Martin Schwab
Dramaturgical Counsel Astrid Peterle
Doris Stelzer / dis.danse
Photo © Bettina Frenzel
Thanks to Tanzquartier Wien Residency, ttp WUK and dialogue partners
Cooperation WUK Theater/Tanz
Support Cultural Section of the City of Vienna and the Art

part one - listening

part two - watching